Joe Mixon heading into camp 12 pounds lighter than last year

The Bengals expect Joe Mixon to be their bell cow in the backfield in his second season and Mixon’s preparation for that role included cutting some of the weight he carried as a rookie.

Mixon played at 230 pounds last year, but is down to 218 pounds with training camp getting underway next week.

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After identifying Buckner, the focus shifted to who would align outside of him. (They call this position the Leo.) In Saleh’s scheme, that often means aligning on the weak side. There were a handful of role player defensive ends built to line up on the strong side. That left Armstead as the most natural selection to play the weak side. He was the next most athletic player of the group, and he too is physical and long, Saleh explains. Not ideal for the system that we have, but very functional in terms of first and second down.

These decisions were made before San Fran drafted Thomas, which is notable given how many people viewed Thomas as a true defensive end.

He rushed for 957 yards and scored nine touchdowns in nine games last season before entering the supplemental draft.

My first search led to controversial results: An NFL Films list of top 10 Patriots of all time with the former receiver Troy Brown at No. That seemed high to me. He’s not better than Wes Welker. Welker had five seasons of over 1,000 yards receiving and led the NFL in catches three times … but I digress. As for the NBA draft prospect…. Not much to get me excited in this clip. Lots of contested 8-foot shots. Seems like a tough kid whose game aligns more to reality than YouTube.

Happened upon a clip with sound bites from coach Josh Pastner and a teammate who praise Okogie’s high motor. Consistent effort and tenacious defense are detriments in this particular mock draft. Okogie seems like a perfectly nice player but his highlights are kind of lame. Although, he does have a nasty block of a Luke May shot. Come to think of it, most of these clips feature blocked shots of the North Carolina star.

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